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New Design Wall - Sort of

For my birthday a couple of years ago, my daughter and her husband made me a design wall. It was 10' wide and 8' tall.  It was in 2' increments (so I could transport it, not as sturdy as the 4x8's) and placed on a wooden frame. He even sent me a video of how to assemble it!!! You can see the remains of it below. It was the only 10' wall upstairs that allowed me to take pics from the full design wall.

Well, my studio is a finished room over the top of a very generous three-car garage. It's a wonderful room, however, all the side walls are vaulted/slanted and the end walls have windows, so there's no place tall enough for this 10' frame! I wish the studio were cleaner so I could share. :(

I ended up using it out in the middle where the slants start, but it blocked most of the room. Last year, I disassembled it and moved it to the barn room which is yellow.  We call it the barn room because the previous owners had a mural of a barn in there. Weird.  I painted it yellow before we even moved in!!!

Well, all my photos had such a yellow tint that it deterred me from taking pics of all the different stages of projects, not to mention it was in ANOTHER room!!! See how YELLOW the room seems? It doesn't help that all the wood in the house is natural and stained making it even darker...I do love stark-white molding, although this is really good-looking natural molding, could be worse and the doors are REAL!

I took it apart yesterday and took two sections and cut the flannel to size and made a 4x8 design wall.  It's not as sturdy as I'd like, but I'll think about it more. He attached it to 2x4's, but that's too heavy to be portable. I put it over the door to the a/c unit so I can move it when they come to service it. That's better than blocking a window. We have those French door handles so I tucked it behind the knob so it holds it up.   Wish I had pressed the flannel first.

I'm going to use the other three sections to make a larger design wall for larger finished quilts. I can store in the upstairs family room and put it at the end of the hallway here for pics. It's a cream wall, so the pics should be clearer. The design wall will stick out a bit on this small wall, but, for pics, it's perfect. For larger quilts, I'm just going to hang them from the railing and take pics from the foyer below or so I hope. It might look strange...cross that bridge later.

The point to this long-winded post is that I didn't get a chance to work on all of my projects yesterday because I was fooling around creating a new design wall. Excuse #749.

I finished Step 5 of "A Modern Twist". The pics are so much less yellow on my re-purposed smaller design wall!!! There wasn't much contrast in my creams, so it will just have to be a muted quilt. It's only for me to practice on my HQ16 anyway and it used some of my limited stash. Hope to finish it today. It's a modern quilt pattern, but my stash is not.

I finished the aprons, so I can take them off the list, not sure what to add to it to keep my numbers up to 13, we shall see. 

For my applique projects, which are mostly BOMs, I decided to stitch one complete thread or 15 minutes, whichever comes first, thread the needle for the next day so it would be ready to just stitch every day. Stitched one thread of Dino's, Baltimore Halloween and Baltimore Christmas. I spent the rest of the day with the design wall and cleaned my studio a bit. It deserves 15 minutes a day, too, but I'm just sneaking that in. Trying to clean to get pics so you can see where I spend all my time. 

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!! 


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